hans braches gmbh – manufacturer of individual packaging

As an experienced manufacturer of individual packaging, we support you or your agency in presenting your products in the best possible way. You can expect a high-quality brand-oriented implementation from us. Your ideas are of foreground. Importance.

As a partner at eye level, we are at your side with creative ideas and technical solutions from the idea to the production of your high-quality sales and product packaging.

Our intention

We are committed to making the value of your product visible to your customers. Your customer should have a good experience from the first moment with our packaging. We want to make this pleasant brand experience possible for your customers.

So that your brand remains unforgettable!

Jörg Braches

For the owner, Jörg Braches, the values of the “old school” still count. It is with this attitude that he takes care of your cause. For him, the needs of the customer are in the foreground. He wants to create value and make what you imagine possible and come true. He approaches new projects with a creative solution orientation. You can rely on the handshake from the ” Begischer rebel”. Righteousness, reliability and honesty are based on his foundation.

History – Braches packaging in Solingen

The company Braches was founded by the family Paul Braches as early as in the 20s of the last century. Then, and is as now, Solingen, the city of the cutlery and knife industry, has been and still is, the location. For customers in these sectors, the company produced cases with silk lining or cardboard boxes.

The production at that time was located in a so-called “Kotten”, an annex to the residential building, which was used for commercial purposes. After the relocation by the present senior Hans Braches, the production was consistently developed further and supplemented by new production techniques.

At the end of the 60s, the decision was made to use plastic thermoforming technology, which took account of the changed demands of the market. The thermal forming of different types of plastic was not only used for packaging, but also for technical parts such as transport trays.

The appearance and production of the cardboard boxes changed constantly, what were at the beginning mainly coated cardboard boxes, were later supplemented by folding box systems.

In 1994 the course for the future was set when the third generation in the person of Jörg Braches joined the company. He is committed to the tradition and the roots of the company and continues it in this sense.